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History Channel Jew Train xx Holocaust in Belgium Dvdrip Xvid - FTP

History Channel Jew Train xx Holocaust in Belgium Dvdrip Xvid - FTP
History Channel Jew Train xx Holocaust in Belgium Dvdrip Xvid - FTP

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The starting point for the deportations of Jews from Belgium were the Dossin barracks in Mechelen (French: Malines). In all, around 25,000 Jews and 350 Sinti and Roma were deported from Belgium, which had been occupied since 1940, by the German security police and their Belgian helpers. Most of the transports were headed for Auschwitz. All of the deportation trains passed through the small community of Boortmeerbeek. On April 19, 1943, the XXth convoy departed; however, three kilometres before the Boortmeerbeek station it was brought to a halt by three young resistance fighters. Unfortunately for the attackers, it was the first time that the train consisted of cattle cars and was better protected than previous transports from which people had been able to flee time and again. The guards opened fire. Despite this, the attackers were able to pry open the door to one of the cars and help 17 Jews flee. Shortly before the German border, a further 214 prisoners were able to escape; 23 of them were shot by the guards during their escape attempt. Although 87 of those who had been able to flee from the transport were finally arrested and deported to Auschwitz, the others managed to hide and to survive. 

The three young resistance fighters had known each other since their school days. Their leader was the Jewish doctor Youra Livschitz. They acted on their own initiative since their plan had been dismissed as too daring and dangerous. After the attack they were at first able to flee. Later, however, they were denunciated. After his first arrest Livschitz managed to escape, he was betrayed a second time though and shot in February 1944. The communist Robert Maistrau was also arrested later. He survived the concentration camps at Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen. The third member of the group, Jean Franklemon, also a communist, survived Sachsenhausen concentration camp. These three resistance fighters committed the only known attack on a deportation train during the Holocaust. 

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