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The Holocaust on Trial Dvdrip Xvid - Unknown

The Holocaust on Trial Dvdrip Xvid - Unkown
The Holocaust on Trial Dvdrip Xvid - Unknown

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This page will focus generally on the major trials, and serve as an introduction to more detailed trial coverage. The first trial considered is that of former members of the SS staff of the Concentration Camp KZ Lublin/ Majdanek.
KZ Lublin was an integral part of Aktion Reinhard as the clothing, shoes and other possessions were transported from the three Aktion Reinhard camps to the camp at the Old Airfield in Lublin, which came under the jurisdiction of KZ Lublin / Majdanek. In November 1944 a number of the KZ Lublin / Majdanek staff including Anton Thermes, Wilhem Gerstenmeier, Hermann Vogel , Theodor Schollen and two German Kapos, were tried before a Special Penal Court in Lublin. They were found guilty and were executed beside the camp crematorium on 3 December 1947.

A number of KZ Lublin / Majdanek personnel were also tried in the second Auschwitz trial in Cracow, the first trial being that of Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Höss in March 1947. Höss was tried, found guilty, and executed in the Auschwitz camp, beside the building of the former Commandants office on 16 April 1947.

In the second Auschwitz trial there were 40 accused, including some former members of the SS staff at KZ Lublin: Artur Leibehenschel, Erich Muhsfeldt , Alice Orlowski, and Hildegard Lachert. The other principals tried were Hans Aumeier, Maximillian Graebner, Karl Ernst Mockel, Marie Mandl, Dr Johann Kremer, Therese Brandl and Dr Hans Munch. After a three week trial the sentences were announced on 22 December 1947; twenty three of the accused were sentenced to death, six to life imprisonment, the rest to various terms of confinement. Hans Munch was the only defendant acquitted.

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