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Hitler's Holocaust : The Decision Dvdrip Xvid - edit

Hitlers Holocaust 2 of 6 The Decision Dvdrip Xvid - edit
Hitler's Holocaust : The Decision Dvdrip Xvid - edit

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Genre: Documentary
Hitler’s Holocaust by Guido Knopp is an ideal companion volume to the more Auschwitz centred books. Like those discussed he has taken full advantage of the Soviet archives and although Knopp deals with the camps themselves, he is concerned with events which lead to the necessity of the Final Solution. The Knopp book joins a crowded thoroughfare of general Holocaust studies. Without the new material one has to say that Knopp’s book would be in many ways merely turning over the soil of previous works, recycling well-thumbed testimonies from other sources, but there is enough compelling new evidence to reward even those who have read everything else. However, whether this study can be said to be, as the jacket triumphantly claims, ‘the most complete history of the Holocaust to date’, is open to question. To my mind Knopp is most penetrating in the early chapters on the lead up to genocide, the radicalisation of German policy towards the Jews following unforeseen setbacks in Russia. Unlike most of his predecessors, Knopp had access to newly released East German state security documents on deportation of Jews to the east, as well as the private papers of Einsatzgruppen participants. This enables him to cast more light on the procedure of deportation and the earlier mass shootings in the newly conquered territories, whose grisly tallies were gloated over by a Fuhrer at pains to avoid any paper trail linking him to the butchery. Knopp seeks to alert the reader to the direct relation between the increasingly destructive cravings of Hitler and the slaughter perpetrated by his minions on the ground. Knopp, echoing some of the early material in the Rees book, charts how the course of events in the Soviet Union had a direct bearing on the fate of Europe’s Jews. From vague fantastical notions of dumping the Jews in African colonies or forcing them all beyond the Urals came, within a comparatively short space of time, complex plans for their total annihilation.

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