Monday, December 26, 2011

World War 2 The Complete History

World War 2 The Complete History
World War 2 The Complete History

English | 640x480 VVID 30fps 1681kbps | Mp3-192kbps | 8.86GB

The British Movietone Company presents this comprehensive and thrilling look at the 20th Century's most decisive conflict. Featuring a strong narrative and complete with original music scored dramatically for this program, this documentary makes for a strong and compelling narrative. Setting this program apart from others is the focus on some rarely covered parts of WWII such as Operation Barbarossa, the "phony war" period following the Polish invasion, the Flying Fortresses and the Manhattan Project.

This is the story of the greatest war of world history. This is the story of great individuals, of men who cast huge shadows across time. In this 13 part series we examine the events and personalities that drove World War Two.

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